These are links to some projects that have kept me busy in recent and less recent times:


Feature article on my work in linguistics, Badische Zeitung daily paper (in German), Feb 2012

Conference that I co-organized in Accra, Ghana in 2011

Consultant to a large music & politics project on the colonial partitioning of Africa, Berlin, Germany, 2011

Talk given at Federal University of Pará in Belém, Brazil in 2011

Linguistics course taught at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad in 2011

Article on the struggle against hunger, written during my time with MP Thilo Hoppe in 2007

Report of a fact-finding mission on hunger in Malawi, conducted in 2006

Press release of a fact-finding mission on land reform in South Africa, conducted in 2002

Schichtwechsel ("Change of shift"), a musical that I co-authored, staged at Neuköllner Oper in 2004

Review of "Schichtwechsel" by der Freitag, a leading weekly paper of Germany (in German)

Article on the origins of Rap music in Germany, 2004 (in German)

Biography of Hip Hop band "Advanced Chemistry" (in German)

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